Chronic Pain

I am not in favor of expensive, ineffective and potentially dangerous “treatments” for chronic pain while ignoring causes and prevention of chronic pain. I devote my time spent with clients on examining the causes and most importantly, focusing on how we can prevent acute pain from becoming chronic pain.

I find out what my clients vitamin D levels are. If they are low, they must be elevated to within normal levels. I recommend omega 3 fish oils to all my chronic pain patients. I figure out what exercises clients will do consistently. Diet & supplement recommendations are vitally important. I also recommend my clients eat a low-glycemic diet.

Chronic low back pain or neck pain is a disease we often give to ourselves. Poor posture and a lack of variety of movement are two of the most common causes I see in most cases.

In Most Cases, Chronic Pain is Preventable…
In the absence of trauma or other known disease, most pain that I treat is caused by lifestyle and environmental factors. That means that pain can be improved by eliminating these factors. Some of the risk factors for low back pain are possible to avoid. Maintain good sitting posture, avoid slumping over while sitting, and use proper mechanics while lifting.

In just about every degenerative disease the cause is from the poor choices we make and the habits we develop over a lifetime.

Let’s talk about how you can improve your quality of life.

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