Happy 2010 & Longevity

Unfortunately, on a daily basis I hear patients tell me similar stories about the way they feel. People find themselves with chronic headaches, neck pain and low back pain. They don’t know what they did to make the pain or symptoms appear…they just want to get rid of it. Pain can cause us to feel irritable, touchy, fatigue, and even depressed. My answer for help is always the same…improve your diet, nutrition and let’s use exercise as therapy.

As the New Year approaches I encourage all of my clients to start to plan for where they want to go as far as health is concerned in the coming year. I know you don’t take health for granted, so lets create a plan, then you can get excited about life and where you are going. Clarify your goals for the New Year – weight loss, increase muscle mass, decrease pain, increase flexibility, feel less irritable, feel more joy. Now is the time to create a destination for your health goals in 2010.
Many of you have been my patients for more than twenty-five years and you know that I have stressed the value of exercise, diet and nutrition for improving our health goals and healthy aging.
The corrective exercise treatment programs I have developed over the years have not only gotten people out of pain, they are keeping men and women looking youthful, allowing active lifestyles, enjoying fitness, and good health.
The bottom line is that how healthy we are as we age is directly related to how much physical activity we get and the nutrition we take in. There are too many people who think it’s too late to turn things around. It’s never too late to change how you live.
What about you? Did you notice your body or fitness level changing this past year? Did that motivate you to make changes in your life?
There are definite other general principles associated with longevity
1. 80% Rule (stop eating when you’re 80% full)
2. Eat more veggies, lean protein (grass fed beef) & avoid processed foods
3. Red Wine – enjoy a little every night, be consistent and always in moderation
4. Know your purpose in life
5. Have spiritual beliefs or religious participation
6. Try to work a little less, take time to rest, and take vacation days
7. Move your body – even gentle exercise will work, but above all be consistent
8. Belong to clubs or groups that help you create a healthy social network
9. Make family a priority

Happy Holidays.

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